License Renewal Process:

   1.  IPDP

   2.  Required Continuing Education Coursework

   3.  Apply for new license through ODE

   4.  Go back to Step 1; repeat until retirement (or laws change)  ;)

The most important step is to get your IPDP approved ASAP!  Your Individual Professional Development Plan must be approved and on file BEFORE any coursework, contact hours, or CEU's can count towards your next license renewal.  Everything you do prior to IPDP will be educational and informative, but completely useless towards your renewal requirements.

Helpful IPDP and LPDC resources are available in the LPDC folder of DEA Member Resources.

Submit IPDP here at this webpage.  (Log in with your Dublin ID and password.)

The Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) consists of 6 Dublin teachers/administrators who meet on the second Monday of every month to review submissions.  At that time, they will either approve or return your plan for additional information needed.  If you have any questions, you can email the committee members:

Kim Bahr, Grizzell MS

Maureen Baker, Jerome HS

Lenore Cereghini, MS Student Services Coordinator

Troy Ehrsam, Pinney ES

Tyler Wolfe, Olde Sawmill ES

Alicia Wolshire, Indian Run ES

Once your IPDP has been approved, you will need to begin the process of collecting contact hours, CEU's, or college credits.  You will need 6 college credits, 18 CEU's, 180 contact hours, or a combination of the three.

Many Dublin workshops offer contact hours for free and will provide a certificate upon request, but the teacher is responsible for tracking and proving the time completion.  

1 college credit = 3 CEU's = 30 contact hours

Here's where the fun math comes in!  Some examples of combinations:

     2 college credits + 12 CEU's

     4 college credits + 3 CEU's + 30 contact hours

     15 CEU's + 30 contact hours

     9 CEU's + 60 contact hours + 1 college credit

If you intend to get tuition reimbursement or use any college credits you take for salary advancement, you will need to fill out a pre-approval form and send to C.O. before taking the course!

Pre-Approval Form

2015-2016 Fee Waiver & Reimbursement Deadlines

Your IPDP was approved, you amassed all of the credits/CEU's/contact hours needed to renew, now what?

Before applying for license renewal, you will need to fill out the Verification of Renewal Requirements form and submit to our LPDC committee.  Then, you will be ready to go through the state process.  All license renewals are now processed online through the ODE's SAFE website.  You will need to create an account, fill out an application and pay the associated fees.  Look for emails from Sharon Dempsey with more information as you get closer to the renewal deadline.

Our members include over 1200 teachers, nurses, and counselors in the Dublin City School District.  We are proud to maintain a positive relationship with District Administrators, the Dublin Board of Education, and the community of Dublin, Ohio.             #WeAreDEA

We are the Dublin Educators' Association.