We are the Dublin Educators' Association.

What can you do to help?

Consider these questions . . .

  • How can we protect our paychecks and retirement (STRS) from mandatory Social Security?  How do we protect our right to bargain fair salaries and benefits?
  • How do we keep public dollars in public schools?  How can we address unaccountable charter schools and a controversial voucher system?
  • How do we elect legislators who are committed to improving public education?  Where do the campaign funds come from?
  • How do we develop a REAL public school funding solution for Ohio?
  • How do we attract and keep great educators for great Ohio public schools?
  • How do we address concerns with OTES, PARCC, AIR, AYP, Value-Added Linkage?
  • How can we provide and fund 21st-century education including art, music, phys. ed, foreign language and technology?
  • How can we contact legislators if we are teaching at school?  Who represents us at the Statehouse?
  • Are you concerned about legislation which calls for more testing?  Can we have a voice in the discussions surrounding the state tests and school report cards?

Why do we have the Fund for Children and Public Education?
DEA Member dues CANNOT be used for political campaign purposes. That is why we ask for contributions separately.

Where do the contributions go?
The contributions made to the FCPE fund lobbying activities and campaigns of candidates who are friendly to public education and who support students and teachers in our classrooms and schools, regardless of political party.

What happens if we do nothing?
We will have no voice or influence concerning decisions about STRS retirement vs. mandatory social security, school funding, merit pay, vouchers, testing, curriculum, right to bargain fair salaries and benefits, or any other aspect of your daily working conditions. Legislators in Washington D.C. and Columbus will make decisions for us without input from educators.

Contribute $1.00, $5.00, $10.00 or whatever you can afford. Every cent counts toward protecting and improving public education--supporting teachers and the students and families we serve!

Fund for Children and Public Education

Our members include over 1200 teachers, nurses, and counselors in the Dublin City School District.  We are proud to maintain a positive relationship with District Administrators, the Dublin Board of Education, and the community of Dublin, Ohio.             #WeAreDEA