We are the Dublin Educators' Association.

DEA thanks the following Past Presidents for their leadership and foresight in organizing our association to help both our students and members.

Linda Roosa
Jim Bauer
Danny Straub 

Joyce Hotchkiss 

Jim Barr Sr. 

Jody Schuld

Martha Stricklin 

Bridget Kuhns

Dr. Dinah Wright 

Dawn (Leibensperger) Hackett

Kevin Griffin

The Dublin Educators’ Association consists of approximately 1200 teachers, coaches, nurses, and counselors in the Dublin City School District.  We offer various benefits, services, and opportunities for educators, while striving to maintain an extremely positive relationship with the district’s administrators and the community of Dublin.  This respectful working relationship continues to provide a win-win-win-win environment for DEA members, the district, the community, and the students we are proud to serve.

Each year, our members attend local meetings and rallies about Public Education, participate in Leadership Conferences, contact legislators regarding bills, attend state and national Representative Assemblies, and donate/volunteer for a variety of charitable events.

DEA was founded in 1986, following the passage of collective bargaining law in Ohio in 1983.  At the time, Dublin Schools had a very positive culture and strong relationships between staff and administration.  The union was created at that time with the goal of continuing that culture and strength into the future.

Our members include over 1200 teachers, nurses, and counselors in the Dublin City School District.  We are proud to maintain a positive relationship with District Administrators, the Dublin Board of Education, and the community of Dublin, Ohio.             #WeAreDEA


In 2011, DEA initiated a salary "give-back" to save 43 certified positions from being cut due to state funding losses.

In 2012, DEA approved a 0% contract extension to further assist the district in meeting its fiscal needs.

DEA has spearheaded local levy campaign efforts and rallies to support the district levy cycles.

DEA members and leaders have been very vocal in lobbying state and local politicians for fair funding and equitable education policies.